The Farm

Balgreggan Mains is a mixed cattle, sheep and grain-producing Farm, typical of this area in southwest Scotland, owned and run by the Service family, who live in the farmhouse.

The Animals:
The Farm is an organic stock farm, producing Aberdeen Angus beef mainly for Marks & Spencers and Waitrose. The cattle you see in the fields around are Aberdeen Angus Cross bred. We have a flock of Scottish Mules which we lamb and this provides our children with an active interest on the Farm. You may also see Scottish Blackface sheep in the fields when they come here from the Galloway hills during the winter months. The mild climate is ideal for grass production and this allows the cattle to remain out in the fields from March until November. The calves and lambs are born in the spring and stay with their mothers all summer and autumn.

Wildlife & Conservation:
The Farm is involved in several environmental and conservation projects. We have fenced off and created several ponds, and around six kilometers of water courses which protect many species of plant and pond life, also otters, duck and water vole have been regularly spotted.
We have also planted over thirty kilometers of hedging and hardwood trees. This has provided an increased habitat for many wildlife animals. The types of wildlife that can be sighted around the Farm include roe deer, foxes, pheasants, rabbits and an extensive variety of birdlife. The farm is an RSPB Volunteer Farm and recent surveys have reported sightings of over 40 different bird species, many of which are on the endangered list, eg. Lapwing, Sandmartins, Red Shank, Curlew and Barn Owl.

Wind turbine at Balgreggan Mains farmRenewable Energy:
The Farm has several small-scale windmills around its fields, supplying the Farm and the Cottage with power and reducing greatly our carbon footprint. These Proven windmills are fabricated in Scotland and hopefully will produce electricity for over twenty years.

Historic Interest:

Balgreggan Motte is situated on the Farm and is a site of historical interest. This Motte is monitored by Historic Scotland. It was the first in a line of early castles along the shore of the the Rhins peninsula. The castle, dating back to the medieval 12th century, was made of wood and surrounded by a 12ft ditch and was burned to the ground by marauding forces. The top of the Motte was used by the Royal Observer Corps during the 2nd World War as a look-out point. Today a stroll to the top of the Motte will give you a wonderful view of the seven mile long Sandhead Beach and the beautiful Luce Bay.

"Glorious weather, sun all week. Lovely comfortable cottage, beautiful¬† surroundings. Back for 3 weeks at Christmas 2014."  June 2014

  Balgreggan Motte, Sandhead, Stranraer

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